The ULTIMATE Guide on How to Maintain Long Hair

Who doesn’t love long, lustrous hair? The kind you can leisurely run your fingers through. But when it comes to the question –  how to maintain long hair – few know what to do. Well, we happen one of those few who know some great remedies and tips on how to maintain long hair.

In this post, you will learn:

  • 5 basic tips on how to maintain long hair
  • 10 superfoods for shiny, long hair
  • 5 habits to adopt for long hair
  • Magical homemade masks for your hair
  • Some more tips on how to maintain long hair and protect it from damage

5 Basic Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

Let us begin with basic tips that you should religiously abide by.

Basic tip 1 – Trim regularly

The problem: As it starts to grow longer, your hair also grows prone to damage. This is because the tips of your hair, that is the initial strands, are older than the rest of your hair. They grow weak over time, and either break or split, slowing down your hair’s growth.

hair trimming

The remedy: Trimming your hair every two to three months can significantly reduce split ends and boost your hair growth.


Basic tip 2 – Hot showers are a big no-no

The problem: A steaming hot shower, especially during the winter feels heavenly, but the damage it does to your long hair is considerably high. The steam from the heated water opens the pores and weakens your hair. The heat also robs the scalp off its natural oils.

how to maintain long hair no hot showers

The remedy: Avoid pouring hot water on your scalp. Instead, use lukewarm water to wash your hair. When using conditioner, use cold water to rinse it off. This simple process locks in the moisture and leaves your hair soft.


Basic tip 3 – Don’t rub your hair with a towel

The problem: Do you use a towel to dry your hair? Big mistake! One that a lot of women make. Rubbing your hair with a towel causes split ends.

rubbing hair with a towel

The remedy: Use the towel only to wrap your hair and soak up the water. You can even use soft fabrics like old t-shirts to soak the water from your hair.


Basic tip 4 – Don’t blow-dry too often

The problem: The hot air from a blow dryer makes your hair brittle and rough.

The remedy: Avoid using a hair dryer as much as possible. Instead, sit under a ceiling fan and let your hair dry out naturally. This is one of the best hair care tips that you can follow to keep your hair long and beautiful.


Basic tip 5 – Don’t tie your hair tightly at night

The problem: Tying your hair in a tight bun or a braid doesn’t let your hair breathe properly. Also, tossing and turning at night can damage your hair to a large extent and lead to severe hair fall.

The remedy: Before going to bed comb your hair thoroughly, remove all the knots and tie them in a loose braid. You can even cover your hair in a silk or satin cloth.


Top 10 Superfoods to Make Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

Did you know that everything you need to make your hair super shiny and healthy is resting on your kitchen shelf?  Honey, yogurt, eggs, and even onions, are just some of the easily available ingredients for anyone struggling and wondering how to maintain long hair.

Here’s our entire list of hair superfoods.

Hair superfood #1 – Onions

You may be put off by the thought of applying the pungent onion juice on your hair. Trust us, it is the best home remedy for anyone struggling with how to maintain long hair. Onion juice is a rich source of sulphur, an ingredient essential for the natural production of collagen. Collagen is the protein responsible for hair growth. The higher the amount of collagen, the longer your hair will be.

Hair superfood #2 – Eggs

Yet another super food that would raise your eyebrows and wrinkle your nose. Once you get past the stink, you will appreciate the goodness that eggs contain – zinc, iron, phosphorus, sulphur, iodine and selenium, nutrients that are great for long hair. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to maintain long hair, apply this easy egg mask to your long hair at least once a week and see the difference.

Hair superfood #3 – Yogurt

If you are tired of your long hair getting all frizzy and unruly, just turn to the humble packet of yogurt for help. Yogurt contains an essential ingredient called lactic acid that helps soften the hair. Regular application of yogurt softens the hair and untangles it too. This leads to a decrease in hair fall and helps you maintain long hair with ease.

Hair superfood #4 – Honey

Honey, when used with aloe vera gel, can give your hair some much-needed hydration. The two act together to supply the hair follicles with moisture and lost nutrients, making them strong and healthy. So, if you are looking for tips on how to take care of long hair, do not forget this simple honey-aloe home remedy.

Hair superfood #5 – Green tea

Do you have some green tea bags lying around in the kitchen? Now is the time to put them to some good use. The rich deposits of antioxidants in the green tea get rid of the harmful toxins deposited in your hair follicles, which, if left unchecked, leads to severe hair fall. All you have to do is let seep a few green tea bags in warm water. Let the tea cool down and apply it over your scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off. The results will amaze you!

Hair superfood #6 – Chilli powder

Trust us – chilli really works! Capsaicin, the component that gives chilis their fire power, promotes hair growth by activating the nerve ends, and thereby improving circulation. Mix some chilli powder in coconut oil (which will reduce the burning sensation) to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to your scalp and leave for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off properly with plaing water, followed by a wash with a mild shampoo.

Hair superfood #7 – Potato

Potato juice is very helpful in keeping your long hair smooth and soft. It has vitamins A, B, and C in abundance and all these vitamins are essential for your hair. Simply grate a potato and squeeze out its juice. Rub the juice all over your hair. Wash it off after 20-30 mins.

Hair superfood #8 – Banana

Ask your grandmother about how to maintain long hair and she will tell you about the benefits of banana. Because this fruit is extremely rich in natural fats it supplies the hair with the natural oils essential for hair growth. The fat the hair absorbs from the bananas is completely natural and free of all chemicals. This helps balance the moisture of the hair, and keeps it long and soft.

Hair superfood #9 – Spinach

Spinach is rich in iron – we’ve been hearing that all our lives. And yet many of us ignore it on our dinner plates. The truth is that when you eat more spinach, you take in a healthy dose of iron; iron that is essential to strengthen your hair. Try to eat not just spinach but all other kinds of leafy green vegetables that are rich in iron, like lettuce and mustard leaves (saag).

Hair superfood #10 – Oranges and sweet lime

You will find it difficult to maintain your long hair unless you increase the consumption of vitamin C in your diet. Stock up on fruits such as oranges and sweet lime. Eat them whole or drink the juice. You will start noticing a positive change in your long hair very soon.

Hair superfood #11 – Avocado

Just like vitamin C, vitamin E is also essential for the health of your hair (and nails and skin). With avocado in your diet, your hair will receive significant doses of vitamin E, that will strengthen your hair follicles and make your hair healthy from the roots.

Hair superfood #12 – Sweet potatoes

You must have seen TV shampoo commercials that claim that their products have beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a pigment that is very beneficial for the hair and makes it strong and thick. Rather than using the chemicals, you can supply your hair with a natural source of beta-carotene by eating a lot of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are loaded with this pigment and spells wonders for your long hair.

Hair superfood #13 – Ghee

If you dislike the smell of the store-bought hair oils, you can very well turn to the jar of ghee in your kitchen. Ghee is an excellent substitute for hair oil that supplies your hair with all the natural fats it requires. It is very simple to use as well. All you must do is melt some ghee and while it is still a little warm, massage it onto your scalp and give yourself a hot oil champi treatment. Do this regularly and see the quality of your long hair improve drastically.

Hair superfood #14. Carrots

The mighty carrot is a food rich in both minerals as well as vitamins. Carrot is loaded with manganese, phosphorus and potassium as well as vitamins B and C, E and K. All these components work their magic on your hair and keeps it long, soft and beautiful. To use a carrot for your hair, all you have to do is grate it up and gently dab it all over your scalp. Leave it on for about 30 minutes or till it dries out. Then gently rinse it off with a mild shampoo and see the minerals and vitamins work their magic on your precious mane.

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5 Habits for Those Who Don’t Know How to Maintain Long Hair

Our grandmothers were miracle workers. They knew all the natural remedies, and things to do for long and strong hair. We spoke to our own grandmothers and compiled this list of habits you need to adopt into your daily hair care routine.

Habit #1 – Comb your hair twice a day

Amidst a busy schedule, we’re sure you skip combing your hair, and simply knot it up in a messy bun. You probably leave it that way the whole day. A lot of women do exatcly this, not realising that this habit is very bad for your hair. The knots in uncombed hair make the strands dry and frizzy, and cause split ends.

Besides removing knots, combing stimulates the blood vessels and improves circulation. If you’re looking for easy solutions on how to maintain long hair, there can be nothing simpler than combing your hair twice a day – once in the morning and once at night – every single day.

Habit #2 – Massage your hair with hot oil

There is no alternative to a good hot oil massage. A hot oil massage twice a week replenishes your scalp with the required nutrients, and restores its hydration. Additionally, the massage improves blood circulation which leads to healthy hair follicles.

Oil your hair, leave it for about an hour or two and wash it off, as excess oil can make your hair greasy and attract more dirt. You can either do this yourself, or you can book a salon service from UrbanClap.

Do you know all the benefits of a regular hot oil massage? Read our post on PRE-SHAMPOO TREATMENTS to find out.

Habit #3 – Go natural with herbal shampoos

Chemical-laced shampoos do more harm than good to your hair. One of the best hair care tips therefore is to use an herbal alternative instead of a harsh shampoo. Hibiscus leaves and petals are a great option here. You can simply throw a bunch of these leaves and petals in the blender to get a frothy paste. Use this as a cleaner and get shiny and smooth hair instantly.

If, however you do not have access to these leaves, look for an herbal or an ayurvedic shampoo or even a baby shampoo, as these are mild and gentle on your hair.

Habit #4 – Avoid colouring your hair too often

How long will your hair color lasthair spa

? Is hair colouring a safe option? Will hair colour cause any hair damage? These questions have baffled people since a long time now. While most hair colours available in the market are largely safe, they still have chemicals that, if used to often, can cause hair damage.

Try to limit the usage of these colours. Instead opt for natural hair colour like henna or mehendi. Henna gives a beautiful hue to your mane and at the same time nourishes and conditions it too.

Habit #5 – Cover your hair from direct sunlight

hair mask

The UV rays of the sun can damage your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Continued exposure to harsh sunlight will make it difficult for you to maintain your long hair. If you don’t know how to maintain long hair, the simplest thing you can do to limit the damage is to use a scarf or an umbrella each time you step out into the hot sun.


Hair masks for long hair?

If you are looking for an answer to this question, you will be happy to know that there indeed are many hair masks that you can easily prepare at home. The results are mind-blowing!

1. Baking soda

baking soda for hair

Just mix about one spoon of baking soda with six spoons of water and make a runny solution. Spray this on to your scalp and leave it for a while. Then, massage it gently while you rinse it off. Your hair will become smooth and soft after just one application. This happens mainly because the salts in baking soda help clean out the hair pores and release the excess grease from the scalp. This makes it easier for the pores on the scalp to breathe and that in turn improves the quality of your hair.

2. Mustard oil

Mustard is a rich source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. It therefore makes your scalp healthy and helps your scalp recover from any issues that may have been plaguing it. This gives your hair a good texture and enables you to maintain your long hair with ease. Just massage your hair and scalp thoroughly with mustard oil. Leave it for about an hour and wash it off with a very mild shampoo to get the best results.

3. Amla

You can make a very simple hair mask with some powdered amla (Indian gooseberry) and lime juice and apply it on your hair and scalp. Amla has a high amount of vitamin C in it and this promotes hair growth. If you are looking for ideas on how to take care of long hair, an amla mask may be a very good option for you.

As you can see, there are so many things you can do to get that long and beautiful hair. By following these simple diet plans and making a few changes to your lifestyle and you will see visible results in no time.. You don’t have to run to expensive hair salons or consider cutting your beautiful hair off. You can maintain your long hair quite easily. Good luck!


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Tricks to Make Hair Grow Faster

Now that we’ve told you (almost) everything we know about how to maintain long hair, here are some tricks to make your hair grow faster.

  • Untangle your hair: This may sound too basic to be true, but combing your hair actually makes it look longer. The logic behind this is very simple – the more you comb, the more untangled your hair gets. This automatically makes it more flowing and it looks longer. Additionally, combing also stimulates the nerve ends in the scalp and this improves circulation, which makes the hair healthier and stronger and helps it look long.

  • Oil your hair regularly: Oiling your hair is a great way to make it long. This is because most hair oils, including olive oil and coconut oil contain, Vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the best nutrients for hair growth. If you increase the supply of vitamin E to your hair follicles, the hair growth will speed up and your hair will look long and shiny in no time.
  • Apply onion juice: This is a simple and healthy way to make your hair look stronger. Just grate two large onions, squeeze and extract the juice. Apply the juice on your scalp and see the miraculous results in no time. This works because onions are rich in sulphur and sulphur promotes hair growth. Don’t hold back because of the foul smell; just give it a try and see the wonderful results!

So More Tips on How to Maintain Long Hair

Unfortunately, your hair suffers a lot due to pollution, faulty lifestyle habits and stress. While many of these things are beyond your control, there are some factors that you can control to prevent additional damage to your hair.

  • Avoid tight hairstyles: Tight hairstyles are very trendy but they cause tremendous damage to your hair. When you tie your mane up in a very tight ponytail or any other style, the roots of the hair are pulled and this weakens them. Consequently, there is a lot of hair fall and the remaining hair becomes weak too. So, avoid tight hair styles as much as you can and put your hair up in a loose bun or gently tie it if needed.
  • Don’t shampoo everyday: Shampooing your hair daily can lead to many problems. First and foremost, it will rob your hair of the natural oils and make it brittle and frizzy. Then, the dampness in the hair will lead to the hair roots becoming weak. This is why you should not shampoo your hair more than twice a week.
  • Avoid blow drying: Try to air dry your hair, rather than blow drying it. The exposure to the hot air of the blow dryer causes damage to the hair and makes it weak and brittle. Pat dry your hair with a soft towel and then just sit under the fan and wait for your hair to dry naturally. It may take some extra time, but it will help your hair to grow long and strong.
  • Avoid using rollers and curlers: Electronic rollers and curlers make your hair rough and ruin the overall texture of the hair. So stay away from these gadgets and if you must curl your hair, use the regular rollers and curlers at home. This is another small effort that can help improve the quality of your hair in an effortless manner.
  • Trim your hair regularly: Anyone who wants long and healthy hair, has to trim their hair regularly. The tips of your hair get damaged very quickly and may even split at times. Unless you trim it off, the damage will ride up and spread to the entire hair. This will unnecessarily damage your healthy hair. So remember to trim off about an inch of your hair at regular intervals.
  • Tie your hair at night: It is very important to tie your hair before you go to sleep. If you keep your hair open, the tossing and turning at night will expose your hair to a lot of friction and make it rough and frizzy. It is thus vital for you to comb your hair and neatly tie it before going to sleep at night. Using a satin pillow also helps as it prevents the hair from coming in contact with any rough surface while you sleep at night.
  • Use cold water: Like mentioned above, heat can rob your hair of the natural oils. Try washing your hair with water that is as cold as you can tolerate. While cold water at room temperature is the best, lukewarm water is also fine. But never pour hot water on your hair as that leads to tremendous hair fall.
  • Gently pat dry: You need to pat dry your hair. Never rub it with a towel. If you rub the hair too hard, the friction will ruin the texture and the hair strands may begin to split. You will then notice a lot of hair fall and also see a considerable amount of deterioration in the quality of your hair.
  • Don’t comb wet hair: When your hair is wet, the hair follicles are weaker and more prone to coming off. So do not make the mistake of combing or brushing your hair while it is still wet. If you do so, you will experience a lot of hair fall.


Deep Hair Conditioning and its benefits

As you saw, some simple measures can protect your hair. However, at times you need some extra help to maintain your hair and keep it healthy. This is where the humble conditioner comes in. Conditioning can do wonders to your hair. From the simple homemade hair conditioners to the more sophisticated leave-in conditioners, you must apply a bit of it all to ensure your hair grows long and strong.

  • Homemade hair conditioners: Let us begin with the simple, yet super effective homemade hair conditioners. The best of these include:
  • Honey and banana: Mash two large bananas and add a tablespoon of honey. Mix well and apply the mask on your hair. Leave it in for about half an hour and then rinse off with cold water. Banana and honey both supply the required nutrients to your hair and makes it soft and shiny.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is loaded with proteins and helps your damaged hair to become healthy again. Just apply a generous coating of thick, natural yogurt all over your scalp and let it dry. Then gently rinse it off with water and see the instant results.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a very effective hair conditioner as it helps remove the grease from your scalp. The skin pores on the scalp open up and supply the hair with the natural oils it needs to grow. Apple cider vinegar therefore works as a fantastic hair conditioner. Just apply it uniformly all over the scalp, leave for about 15 minutes and wash it off.
  • Leave in conditioners:At times, when there is considerable hair damage, you may have to rely on the medicated leave-in conditioners that quite literally address the problems from the roots! You should ideally apply the leave in conditioner after you shampoo. Leave it in for as long as the pack says (this varies between two to thirty minutes, depending on the conditioner and its use). Do not leave it on for longer as that can have an adverse effect on the hair. If your hair is quite damaged, use a leave in conditioner every alternate day. For lesser damaged hair, a twice-a-week application may be sufficient. It is very important for you to buy the right product. So read the label carefully, understand your hair type and then buy the most appropriate leave in conditioner. Only then will you get the best results.

Consult a dermatologist

If you feel your hair is extensively damaged and even after following the above-mentioned remedies your hair quality doesn’t improve, it would we advisable for you to see a dermatologist. Excessive damage or hair fall may at times stem out of other deep lying health issues. Only a healthcare professional can make a correct diagnosis and help you overcome the problem.

So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, it is not very difficult to have long, beautiful and healthy hair. Just keep the tips we shared in mind and your job will become a lot easier. Eat properly, sleep well and avoid damaging your hair as much as you can. These steps will help you in your journey and very soon you will be able to flaunt your beautiful, long and thick tresses.

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