The Best Kitchen Countertop Materials in India — Tried, Tested and Unique!

Picking up a kitchen countertop can be an exciting opportunity to experiment either with tried-and-tested or offbeat materials. This post covers the best kitchen countertop materials in India to help you make the right choice.

Come to think of it, designing or renovating your kitchen can be a fun exercise! It is actually an opportunity to realise your dream space in a way that suits your sensibilities and interests.

Having said that, the kitchen platform or countertop (or worktop!) is one material which will pretty much define your kitchen, and you want to define it right. Whether it’s pragmatism you’re after or something to give your guests to talk about when they see your kitchen, #YourHomeExpert is here with top three picks in both functional and quirky kitchen countertop materials will surely inspire your home renovation project!

So, here’s what this post will help you with:

  • Foolproof picks for kitchen countertop materials
  • Unique picks for kitchen countertop materials
  • Cost of each kitchen countertop material
  • Are Corian kitchen countertops any good?
  • Can we have wood kitchen countertops in India?


The Fool-Proof Picks:

1. Granite Kitchen Countertop Material

You cannot go wrong with kitchen granite! This sturdy material is the easiest pick because it’s readily available in local markets and your contractor or mason bhaiya can install it with ease. The only challenge will be in choosing the right colour and grain to match your interiors. For smaller or dimly-lit kitchens, choose lighter shades of the stone with fine grains. Bright and spacious kitchens can make the most of darker hues and patterns.

What you need to know:

  • Granite used for kitchen platforms is heat- and scratch-resistant. This means that you can easily place hot utensils directly on granite surfaces as well as cut vegetables and fruits on it.
  • It comes in a range of designs and colours (not just black and white!), each of which make your kitchen look aesthetically nice.
  • Cleaning granite kitchen surfaces is simple—just wipe a clean cloth over it and you’re done. However, if your granite kitchen worktop is poorly sealed, the surface can absorb spills and stains, and will be difficult to clean.
  • Once installed, you won’t need to change a well-sealed granite countertop for decades to come. It lasts that long!
  • Granite countertops don’t crack, chip or dent easily, unless you drop something extremely heavy on them.

2. Quartz Kitchen Countertop Material

Engineered stone or quartz has become go-to countertop material for most architects in India. Unlike granite, quartz is manufactured using recycled stone granules, resins and added colours—and, surprisingly, it still looks and feels like natural stone.

What you need to know:

  • Due to its composition, quartz is believed to be stronger and more resistant to stains and cracks than granite.
  • Since it resembles natural stone, it looks great and adds a beautiful appeal to your kitchen.
  • Being a recycled material, it is also touted as an eco-friendly alternative. Kalingastone by the Classic Marble Company (CMC) is the most popular choice in this category.

3. Marble Kitchen Countertop Material

If luxury is what you are after, then marble is the countertop material for you. A glossy white surface with beautiful veins all over it, marble elevates the kitchen like nothing else. However, with great luxury comes great price—and care.

What you need to know:

  • Not only is it the most expensive material in the lot, but marble kitchen tops require polishing to maintain their sheen.
  • Marble is another good heat-resistant material, which is a wonderful characteristic for kitchens.
  • A marble kitchen platform stains easily as well—which isn’t ideal for Indian cooking that uses spices like turmeric regularly.

Pro Tip: Use the same countertop material on your backsplash to create a uniform, seamless surface—with less grouts, cleaning will be easy! However, it is expensive compared to tiles.

Feeling Adventurous? Here are some bold materials!

1. Concrete Kitchen Countertop Material

Yup, you read it right! Concrete can be used as a kitchen countertop. Not to be confused with industrial concrete application, this special in-situ concrete solution looks refined when pigmented and polished (you can go for a rustic chic look as well).

What you need to know:

  • Since it is crafted on site, concrete kitchen countertops have a uniform finish.
  • While it is resistant to heat and easy to clean, it is prone to cracks and is porous — factors that can be addressed with more robust concrete solutions that are available in the market.
  • One of the best manufacturers of customised tiles, Bharat Floorings offers excellent solutions in microcement furniture.

2. Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertop Material

Perfect for a Mediterranean-inspired kitchen, ceramic tile kitchen countertops add such warmth and character to the space. This almost-rural look works best with patterned tiles with a smooth surface.

  • Ceramic tiles are aesthetically quite appealing.
  • The only negative is that the visible grouts on the countertop can collect grease and dirt. But with finer grouts and a daily wipe, you can maintain a beautiful ceramic kitchen countertop without much hassle.

3. Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop Material

All that time watching Masterchef Australia and religiously following your favourite chefs can easily inspire you to get a professional-looking kitchen for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a distant dream, as modular kitchen experts, like Arttdinox and Godrej Interio among others, offer stainless steel kitchen platforms for home chefs.

  • Stainless steel lends a high-end look to any kind of kitchen.
  • Stainless steel kitchen countertops are resistant to typical issues like food stains, heat, etc.
  • Being a metal, the non-porous surface of stainless steel is hygienic because bacteria, mold and other germs are unable to thrive on it.

We’ve also answered two of the most common questions asked by our clients here. If you were wondering about the same, we hope to have helped.

What about Corian kitchen countertops? Are they any good?

Not many know this, but Corian is not a material but a brand by DuPont that specialises in acrylic countertop material. Today, Corian has become synonymous to the material, even though other brands have emerged. One of the major advantages of this material is that you can choose a countertop in a range of colours. While it roughly mimics stone in its finish, Corian is lighter but not as resistant to heat and stains as granite. Corian countertops work best for office kitchens or countertops with minimum activity.

What if I want a wood finish on my counters? Is that possible?

Photography by Nayan Soni Photography

Love the warmth of wood and want it in your Indian kitchen? Firstly, wood surfaces aren’t functional options for our style of cooking and climatic conditions. However, there is still one way you can add a wood finish countertop in your kitchen. Use natural or engineered stone for your main kitchen area whereas clad your breakfast or island counter in high-quality, water-resistant veneer or laminate in wood finish. This solution offers best of the both worlds and also creates a beautiful contrast in the kitchen.

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