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Things to Eat This Summer to Stay Healthy

Summer is well and truly here! I can sense you sweating just at the mention of the word summer even as the heat wraps itself around my sticky fingers and makes

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4 Reasons Why Restricting Your Diet is a Bad Idea

There are many diet plans that are doing the rounds. Sometimes we see our friends losing weight because of a particular diet plan and start to follow the same, without realizing

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5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise With Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is often associated with the warmth of a coffee date or a romantic dinner in a dimly lit rooftop restaurant. Today, we give you reasons why working out together

Health & Wellness

Why Eating Healthy Can Spice Up Your Life

In today’s age of free home deliveries and drive-throughs, it is very easy to relax, sit back and enjoy the yummiest food every time you experience hunger pangs. But here’s the thing. While