Simple Makeup Tips | How to Use Old Eyeshadow for Shimmery Eye Corners


Read this post if:

  • You’re bored with your daily liner+gloss look
  • You’re looking for simple makeup tips
  • You like eye makeup but don’t have the time or patience
  • You like to keep your makeup simple
  • You like watching makeup tutorials but don’t know how to apply makeup



A good eyeliner and tinted lip gloss are a lazy girl’s best friend. It makes us go from ordinary to better-than-ordinary in a little less than a minute. But we all have days when we want to look a little different? Days when we want to try something new, maybe even use all that fancy makeup we bought for a special occasion another lifetime ago.

But we have a limited amount of makeup skill, patience, and precious morning minutes.

So here’s a simple makeup trick for Fridays (being end of the week and all) that requires nothing more than 2 minutes and an old eyeshadow.  



Why Highlight the Inner Eye Corner?

Shimmery corners, or inner corner highlights, as the makeup elite like to call it, do more than just upgrade your daily liner+gloss look.

Firstly, shimmery corners make your eyes look bigger

This is true especially when you highlight the inner corner with a light gold or silvery white eyeshadow. Even without a liner, the shimmery corners make your eyes look brighter and bigger.

Secondly, the highlights keep your inner eye corners clean

That eyeliner/kohl gooey gunk you keep cleaning out from the corners, eyeshadow highlights prevents that from collecting and smudging your look.


The Shimmery Corners Eye Makeup Look

What you need is…

  1. An eyeshadow palette you bought and forgot about – or don’t know how to use.
  2. One Q-tip or earbud


What you need to do is…

  1. Apply your eyeliner or kohl the usual way except, avoid extending the eyeliner to the eye corners.
  2. Dip the q-tip or earbud in the lightest eyeshadow color in the palette.
  3. Using the earbud apply the eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes.
  4. Apply your gloss and you’re done!


Style Options for Shimmery Eye Corners

Try metallics

You can try metallic colors like rose gold, yellow gold, silver, copper, bronze, or even a shimmery fake white.


Try colors

For a funkier look, you can wear a whole host of colors. Bright colors like aqua blue, emerald green, and shocking pink go well with a black liker. Pastel colors like a lilac purple or powder blue look good with grey liners.


Wear it with a liner on top

Wear it with a liner below

Or wear it without a liner

Last Words on Shimmery Eye Corners

Shimmery corners or inner corner highlights – while you might take some time deciding what call it, it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to do this on a Friday morning. What better way to shake things on #MakeupFridays!