Simple False Ceiling Designs for Halls: 10+ Ideas to Keep It Elegant

Looking for simple false ceiling designs for halls? Want your drawing room to exude elegance and not look glitzy? We’ve got just the right ideas for you.
(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on false ceilings in India.)

We get it. You like to keep things simple, but all you’re seeing in the market (and in homes!) are flamboyant or extravagant false ceiling ideas. We so get it. Which is why we decided to put together this blog post that would serve you some simple false ceiling designs for halls that are clean and neat, and will give your drawing room a sophisticated look. Show these as reference to your contractor or interior designer, so that you have your way while still incorporating their expert inputs.

1. Define the Ceiling With a Neat Tray Design

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Spaced Out

To begin with, you could try this extremely simple tray design. The edges are lower than the rest, giving your ceiling a neat border. It helps define the ceiling while still keeping the focus on the room and its beautiful interiors. To maintain the elegance of the design, install warm recessed lights that look minimal and emanate a soft glow.

2. Adorn With a Chandelier… And a Classy Ceiling Fan

If you’d rather embellish your simple tray false ceiling, incorporate a chandelier (instead of recessed lighting). Wondering whether a fan would fit the bill? Yes, of course. We would suggest that you pick a style with blades that suits the overall design of your false ceiling. In this modern apartment hall, the chandelier, fan and false ceiling (with recessed lights on the edges) come together to make a lovely combination.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Furdo

Tip: Look for unique, statement-making chandeliers that would up the look of your ceiling several notices. Ditch the traditional styles.

For ceiling lighting, try brands like Philips, Syska LED and Fos Lighting.

3. Glam Up Your Tray Design

Want something more but still sophisticated? Have your contractor or interior designer fix a high quality and polished wooden or plywood sheet to the base of the false ceiling for a decorative touch. You could also incorporate a material like PVC, metal or glass. This false ceiling design has a wooden base, a fan placed in the centre, recessed lighting on the periphery, and two warm flush mounts on either sides. Collectively, this makes for a gorgeous design.

4. Try an Interesting Layered Tray Look

Layered tray ceilings also make for stylish yet simple false ceiling designs for halls. Featuring multiple trays, this design is a great choice for those who want to make a statement without going for all those extra lights, colours, embellishments, etc.

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5. Opt for a Recessed Design

Moving beyond the tray ceiling, you could instead try its variant: A recessed false ceiling design. This design highlights the ceiling as much as it does the room, but without looking ostentatious. The recessed ceiling is a simple design with coved edges. In the above picture, a row of minimalistic pendant lights hang from the centre for an eye-catching yet uncomplicated design.

6.  Give Simple Shapes a Try

Now to experiment and yet keep it simple, how about this false ceiling design where the centre has a circular-shaped hollow, perfect to accommodate a ceiling light? Two tube lights tucked into opposite edges provide soft yet ample lighting.

7. Or Incorporate a Suspended Island

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Regalias Interiors

Like both the tray and recessed styles? How about you go in for a suspended island in the middle of your tray ceiling? The island accommodates cove lighting all around it, thus providing a soft, flushed glow to your false ceiling design. It attracts the eye but does not bother it.

8. Add More Cove Lighting

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Furdo

This is a similar design like the above but with a smaller island — the smaller size is meant to house just the fan or a ceiling light. The smaller island also makes way for a larger space to be lit up by the cove lighting.

9. Anchor the Drawing Room

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Ogling Inches Design Architects

This simple false ceiling design for halls is just one suspended island with cove lighting and six recessed lights placed in an even manner for a uniform glow. Unlike the other styles, this design centres and anchors the entire living room arrangement, almost like what a rug or carpet would do on the floor.

10. Go Bold While Still Keeping It Simple

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Spaced Out

This suspended island is bulkier in form and has recessed lights laid in a unique pattern. While such a design is most ideal for high ceiling rooms, it adds an architectural element to this hall despite its average ceiling height.

11. Update with Track Lights for a Contemporary Look

track lighting for false ceiling designs for halls

Finally, you could also try track lighting for your simple false ceiling. While track lighting are most commonly seen in retail and commercial spaces that need to be amply illuminated, you could also use them in your home. In fact, track lighting would give your living room a unique and contemporary look.

So, which one of these simple false ceiling designs for halls are you going to pick? Would you like to see some unique designs too, so that you have a wider choice? Here are 6 unique false ceiling designs for drawing rooms that’ll make your jaw drop!

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