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This is the fourth post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urban Company Homes! See the first three about Alia Bhatt, John Abraham and Kangana Ranaut’s houses here, here and here.

Located in the heart of Mumbai, Parineeti Chopra’s apartment is a plush 3400 sq. ft. flat facing the Arabian Sea. Other than the obviously stunning sea views, you know what adds the right vibe to her home? The wide glass doors and window panes it’s filled with, and the quirky decor accessories that pack a punch with their bold hues and textures.

Let’s give you a tour of this beautiful new home of Parineeti Chopra with quirky decor ideas, beautifully designed by The Orange lane Studio.

1. The Drama Queen Welcomes You Abode

As soon as you enter the house, you know this house is going to be unlike anything you might have previously imagined. The entrance passageway has a lot of whimsical details—the key holder that spells out ‘drama queen’ and the miniature guitars on the wall. It’s a fun space; born not in an architect’s office, but in the charged, active mind of its owner.

2. The Beautiful Living Room


Against the white-washed brick wall (trend alert!), Parineeti Chopra’s living room is a space full of bold colours, quirky cushions and a lot of greenery. The abstract painting adds the right kind of glam to the wall and the blue couch below. The light coloured flooring allows for ample experiments with colours in the rest of the room decor.

Don’t miss how a hint of red – in the painting, on a single cushion, the side cabinets & the nesting tables – ties the room together!

The ottoman stool being used as a coffee table in the center blends in so well with the statement sofa.

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Keeping it minimal, the houseplants on the table are perfect! AND the view from the balcony… sigh! <3

3. The Balcony! <3

Considering her house is in Mumbai (even if she is a celebrity), her balcony has a LOT of space. The seating is cute and inviting, but the best bits are the greenery and the see-through blinds. Every Mumbaiite knows that sea-view houses have to close their doors & windows when it rains, otherwise the water will enter your home! The see-through blinds will ensure Parineeti can enjoy the gorgeous Bombay rains over the Arabian sea view <3, without ruining her flooring & furniture!

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The wooden flooring is adding the right kind of warmth to the balcony, and we are having some serious #BalconyGoals here 😀

4. The Entertainment Room Of A Filmy Owl

These patterned sliding doors, with tripod shaped lamps set on either side, open up to reveal the entertainment room.

This is a sound-proof room that the actress often uses to work in peace and rehearse scenes in. It’s got gorgeous white shelves that are divided into a trophy display unit, a DVD collection space and an area for books. And that blue sofa looks ultra-comfy for any of these activities!

This entertainment room is cosy & stunning, it serves as an ideal reading space! #ReadingCornerGoals <3

5. A Book Lover’s Wall

She has a wall full of book covers (some of her favourite novels and comic books). Seriously, COME ON. Wall art goals, anyone?

This wall divides the living room from the entertainment room. The rustic touch works well against the colourful book covers, without making it look cluttered and dull.

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#ProTip: A wall like this is cost-effective and can glam up your room. You could also experiment around your paintings, or creative doodles instead of book covers.

6. The Quirky Dining Space

A fall-in-love feature in the dining area is the vintage styled chairs in different candy-hued fabrics standing against a mirrored wall.

Don’t miss the vintage-styled wall decor – it’s one of our favourite parts of the house! It gives 3 home style elements in one space – vintage telephones, a modern cabinet and a rustic whitewashed wall. #DecorGoals!

7. The Vintage Bedroom

The bedroom looks straight out of a classic Hollywood film set.

The wooden wall against the white upholstered bed, natural light streaming in, cute patterned night stands and vintage night lamps make the bedroom a dream!

Parineeti definitely has a thing for quirky and bold coloured throws. They’re all over the house.

The world map at the other end of the bed completes the cool vibe of the master bedroom.

A perfect balance of vintage with quirky, Parineet’s home decor gives some serious #HomeGoals!

#DecorIdeas To Steal From Parineeti Chopra’s Home

  1. Make good use of throws with quirky quotes and bold colours, without cluttering them.
  2. Use bright coloured seating for your balcony along with a lot of greens for a relaxing retreat.
  3. Your dining seating fabric might not be in the same pattern or colour, but that is okay. Mix and match different colours and patterns just like Parineeti’s candy-hued fabrics.
  4. Glam up your home with unconventional decor items like vintage telephones hanging from wall, patterned nightstands and tripod lamps.

Photo courtesy: Architectural Digest | Interior Designer: The Orange Lane Studio.

What are your thoughts on Parineeti’s beautiful abode? 

This is our fourth post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week, and we have more in store for you in our Homes section!