Modern Kitchen Design: 10 Simple Ideas for Every Indian Home

Earlier, when we wrote a post on Indian kitchen design ideas for your home, we knew that a separate post on ideas for modern kitchen design had to follow soon. Because thanks to their ability to cater to shortage of space and to make use of every inch, modern kitchens are currently ruling the roost in Indian homes. In urban apartments like ours that are not only small-sized but also heavily dependent on a variety of utensils, tools, groceries and other supplies, such a design does great justice to keeping it all together, while still looking sleek and stylish.

So, here we are!

If you’re building a new kitchen or remodelling an old one, browse through these 10 modern kitchen designs for ideas that would suit any Indian home. And don’t forget to tell us which one was your favourite!

Modern Kitchen Design #1: Sleek Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

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Modern kitchens are characterised by clean, straight lines devoid of any ornamentation, or at least having as little as possible, just like this neutral-palette kitchen. The handleless, slab-door cabinets here create a smooth flow throughout the kitchen. Their simplistic design is matched perfectly with a reflective backsplash and recessed lighting.

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Modern Kitchen Design #2: Two-Toned Cabinet Design

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects

Two-toned cabinets are a raging trend in kitchen designs these days, and they work best in a modern layout. This kitchen pairs white and sage green cabinets whose largely horizontal frames help to visually elongate the space. A high-arc faucet with a stainless steel sink on one side, and an integrated cook top on the other, add modern hues to the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design #3: Balanced Woodwork

Image: Courtesy Nayan Soni Photography

This U-shaped modern kitchen design incorporates base cabinetry made of wood veneers, and wall cabinets finished with white laminates. The wood, in fact, softens up the white in the kitchen and adds some warmth. Handles are minimal and horizontal, keeping in mind simplicity of design. A built-in space for appliances like a microwave keep bulky items off the countertop.

Modern Kitchen Design #4: Wooden Cabinets

modern wooden kitchen design

This kitchen shows how a material like wood, often considered raw and unfinished, can also be the driving force behind a modern kitchen. If you too want to use wood in your modern kitchen design, remember that the key lies in using smoothened wooden surfaces with grains moving in one direction, so that the resulting look is uniform. What pulls this kitchen together is the use of a Corian countertop, an integrated cooktop (or smooth top cooktop) and a built-in oven makes all surfaces smooth and even.

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Modern Kitchen Design #5: One-Wall Layout for a Small Kitchen

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional New Era Architects Designers and PMC

Worried your small space can’t accommodate a modern kitchen design? Don’t be! Go in for a one-wall layout, which is not only perfect for your small-sized area, but also for a modern design. Why? Because a single-wall kitchen layout embodies the ‘less is more’ concept, which is kind of what the minimalistic and compact style of a modern kitchen signifies as well.

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Modern Kitchen Design #6: Bold in Colours

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional New Era Architects Designers and PMC

The best part about modern kitchen designs is that you can experiment with bold colours as well as stick to neutral shades. If you want to experiment with colour, go for hues of blue, green, red, orange, black and silver, and cabinet finishes in acrylic and laminate. Or you can opt for a high-gloss midnight blue kitchen like the one above.

You could also opt for a combination like this kitchen in maroon and white, so that the colours are not too in-your-face.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional New Era Architects Designers and PMC

A chequered look like in the modern kitchen below is another design to consider.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional New Era Architects Designers and PMC

Modern Kitchen Design #7: Tiles to Create a Backsplash Design

A good way of giving your kitchen a modern upgrade is by creating a backsplash design with modern kitchen tiles. These could be made of reflective materials like glass and metal, or ceramic, marble, stone etc. In this modern kitchen design, metallic-finish ceramic tiles add sheen and a touch of glam and oomph, livening up the the mood created by a bluish-grey colour tone.

metallic ceramic backsplash tiles for modern kitchen design

Modern Kitchen Design #8: White and Luxurious

Thanks to its sense of minimalism, white is a classic choice for a modern kitchen. In this kitchen design, white hi-gloss cabinets and drawers add uniformity to the space. However, to prevent the kitchen from looking much like a hospital, eye-catching, plum-coloured backsplash tiles break the monotony.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Zero9

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Modern Kitchen Design #9: Open Layout

Just like a white kitchen, an open layout works beautifully for a modern kitchen. Want to know why? That’s because an open kitchen is unobtrusive, and these are the same design principles shared by a modern kitchen. In this particular design, the open shelves have replaced wall cabinets, and are set against a white exposed brick wall. This gives the kitchen an industrial look.

Modern Kitchen Design #10: With an Island

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Stories Design Studio

The island in this modern kitchen follows the same design principles as the rest of the cabinetry. White and made of Corian, it has drawers with aluminium channels for a seamless look. Now isn’t that a really functional island? If you have a large kitchen, consider incorporating an island.


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