McAloo Tikki at Home: Can Antil & Pavitra do it?

The pandemic has definitely woken up the chef in all of us but in the midst of burning toasts and over-cooking eggs, we definitely miss our favorite McAloo Tikki and the joy it brought us. A lot of recipes all over the internet are claiming that you can recreate this classic beauty at home; but can you? Let Antil and Pavitra find it out for you! 

The Urban Guide team dug up two recipes from famous Indian food bloggers to recreate everyone’s favorite – the classic McAloo Tikki burger. While Antil’s recipe was from the YouTube channel ‘bharatzkitchen Hindi’, Pavitra chose the recipe posted by ‘Yummylicious’ on their YouTube channel. As the two of them stepped into the kitchen to unveil their magic, we brought in an expert to judge if the experiment was a success. Of course, our judge was an expert and has eaten her share of McAloo Tikki to know the perfect one when she tastes it – the very quirky and very adorable – Neha Doodles. She will judge the burgers based on three factors:

  1. The presentation – How delicious does the burger look?
  2. The taste – How yummy is it to eat?
  3. And the most important, is it a replica of McAloo Tikki?

For this cook-off, Antil and Pavitra prepared everything from scratch from the scrumptious Aloo Tikki to the special sauce that leaves us asking for more every single time. And after a messy long struggle, our two amateur chefs were ready to step in the arena with their masterpiece. 

So, what do you think? Who will win – Antil or Pavitra? And will their burger be better than McAloo Tikki? Will you try this at home? And most importantly, will Neha get out of this without getting food poisoning?

Watch to find out now!

Don’t forget to cherish a McAloo Tikki while you do so! ;’)


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