These Wooden Main Door Designs Are Meant to Impress!

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Wondering what wooden main door design would suit your home entrance the best? We give you some of the most practical, doable yet beautiful ideas to pick from!


Wooden Main Door Designs for Your Indian Home (Pin what you like!)

1. Panelled Design

For many of us who live in apartments, simple wooden main door designs with panels are great!

These panels can be inward or outward, and be as few as one to as many as 12.

But such doors are very urban chic and thinking of a design will not cost you too much time.

It’s one way of giving a simple wooden door a quick upgrade. Plus your house gets a nice and sturdy entrance!

2. Another Panelled Design

as you can see, panelled door designs are aplenty and you can never run out of them. Nevertheless, here’s another style for you to consider.

In this design, the panels are vertical, longer and inwards.

Your door designer would surely have a catalogue of such designs handy. Take your time to go through them before making a decision.

3. Traditional

Whether you live in an apartment or an independent house, you can definitely get the above front door design.

The tiny yet uniform holes give this two-panelled wooden door a very Indian aesthetic — as if sprinkled with mirror work.

If you have the space for an entryway, complement the door with a tall and solid wooden cupboard and a bench — this would ensure that your entire entrance comes together cohesively and is compliment-worthy.

4. With Grill Work

I bet you would agree with me when I say that grill doors are very popular in India.

So, how about combining grill or metal with a wooden door design?

This front door design, for instance, is made of one solid piece of wood, but a large portion of it has been cut out and fixed with an abstract design made of grill.

Interesting, right?

Keep in mind that this would have to be your outer door and that your inner wooden safety door design will have to be plain and minimal. This way, you can ensure that privacy is not compromised upon.

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5. Double Door Design in Wood

To make a lasting impression, opt for a large double door design in wood — like this one.

The grain of the wood creates an eye-catching design, while the matching grill work on either doors adds flair.

The grill work is quality craftsmanship and, hence, looks amazing in this double door design.

6. With a Basket Weave Pattern

Now if you’re looking for something more designer-like, you could consider this option.

While the outer double doors are simple wooden frames with glass panels, the inner safety door has an interesting basket weave pattern going for it.

This makes the door quite an artistic piece in itself and a conversation-starter.

7. Geometric

To give your home some modern vibes, opt for a door made up of strips of wood placed in a geometric fashion.

Yes, the geometric trend has hit front door designs too.

It’s stylish and unique, yet not impractical or unmanageable. Show this design to your carpenter or door contractor, and he should be able to replicate it.

8. With Warli Work

Warli artwork on wooden doors is another fetching trend in wooden main door designs.

In fact, along with being trendy, it’s also very Indian at heart. As you can see, wood makes for a perfect canvas for the gorgeous Warli design and is a tasteful way to make your main door stand out from those of our neighbours’ homes.

9. With Glass

Just like tasteful embellishments take a simple dress from boring to gorgeous, the same works for your main doors too.

So try incorporating artistic glass. That is another way of making your wooden door stand out. And when it’s frosted, it ensures privacy too.

In this design, a regular panelled door gets an upgrade with four identical glass inserts neatly lined up on the top of the door.

10. Abstract Design

When you have two doors at your entrance, you can really play along with the outer door and keep the inner one solid to ensure privacy.

No wonder then that, in this case, the outer door has an abstract design that gives guests something to talk about — in a good way!

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