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Why Is Your AC Leaking?

To find your AC leaking water can be quite an embarrassing situation. Not only that, it is also a worrisome issue, considering that we all spend our hard-earned money on buying


How to Pack an Apartment in One Day

Most of us live hectic lives and find it difficult to find the time and get started with the packing process. However, this checklist we put together on how to pack

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Water Purifier Buying Guide

How is the quality of water measured? Common dissolved particles in water are calcium, sulfates, carbonates etc. The quantity of such particles is called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and it ranges

Appliance Repair

Why Is Your AC Not Turning On?

It’s a hot summer day and you want to just chill but your AC refuses to turn on? Don’t worry, this article will help you understand why your AC is not


Why You Should Book Urban Company’s Disinfection Service

Words like hygiene, cleanliness and sanitization have taken on an altogether new meaning in our lives today. Words that were essential but ordinary, have become crucial and non-negotiable. As concern around

Appliance Repair

Knowing AC Parts And How Air Conditioning Works

  An air conditioning unit is the most used appliance during the summers. It becomes very difficult to get by the harsh summer months without an AC. As a result, more