How to Choose the Best Hair Colour from Hair Colour Charts

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Pick Best Hair Colour from Hair Colour Chart

In this post, you will learn:


‘Hair colour for Indian skin’

‘Hair color ideas’

‘Hair color chart’

If your recent Google history includes the list above, you’re probably considering changing your hair color. But before going through Pinterest boards on black hair with highlights for styling inspiration, it would be a better idea to get your basics straight.  

For starters, the color of your skin isn’t enough to help you choose the right hair color.  Your skin’s undertone, the color of your eyes, what tones your hair should reflect, as well as your hair color goal, are some of the other factors that need to be considered before you pick a shade from the hair color chart.

Here’s how you can get started.


Skip the Hair Color Chart. First, Set a Goal

So you decided to get your hair colored. Great! The next thing you need to do is set a HAIR COLOR GOAL. Ask yourself why do you want to color your hair, and how do you want to go about it.

It could be for any one of these reasons:

You Want Lighter Hair

Lighter hair means bleaching, which further means possible damage. In this case, it’s crucial that you know the process of bleaching and how to care for your hair after the process. In case you are thinking of going blonde,  it’s important that read our post on HAIR BLEACH: DO’S AND DON’TS.

You Want Darker Hair

Since most Indians have hair within the standard black to dark brown hair color range, it is unlikely that you want to darken your hair, unless it has been colored a light shade. In this case, check with a stylist to know the right time to re-color your hair.

You Want to Enhance Your Natural Hair Color

While a global hair color will fade, your natural hair color too needs an occasional boost to combat the dullness. Going two shades lighter, or babylights (i.e. very soft highlights) are some ways to enhance your current hair color.

You Want to Cover Grey Hair

Gray hair can either be completely covered with a permanent hair dye to match the rest of your head, or it can be stained with a temporary hair dye, making them look like highlights against darker hair.

You Want to Experiment With Highlight Hair Colors

Highlights are a great way to add depth and dimension to flat hair. Highlight hair color styles range from bold red and blue streaks to a natural balayage of caramel blonde highlights, honey blonde lowlights, and golden babylights (very thin strands of highlighted hair).


Find Hair Color Ideas That Suit Your Goal…and Skin Undertone!

Layers of skin hidden beneath the epidermis, give your complexion a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ hue.  There is a common misconception that light skin colors have cool undertones and dark complexioned persons have warm undertones. Well, the truth is, that all skin colors can have either a warm, cool or neutral tone. If your skin looks pinkish your skin undertone is cool. If you look equally good in gold and silver jewelry you might have a neutral undertone.

Take the SKIN UNDERTONE TEST to find out if you are cool, warm, or neutral.

We won’t use the word complexion since it is easy to find the perfect shade for every skin color in every hair color tree. You need to choose a shade from the hair color chart that will neutralise your undertone. So, if you are cool-toned, you need to find the warm-toned shade of your chosen hair color. If you are neutral, you can choose any hair color since both cool-toned and warm-toned shades will look great on you.

A (Very) Short List of Hair Colors for Warm & Cool Skin Undertones

Blonde Hair Color Chart for Warm Skin Tones


Cool blonde hair colors for warm skin tones include champagne blonde, ash blonde, and strawberry blonde. 

Don’t miss our list of 11 BLONDE HAIR COLOR SHADES for Indian skin tones. 

Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Cool Skin Tones


Warm blonde hair colors for cool skin tones include golden blonde, honey blonde, and caramel.

Brown Hair Color Chart for Warm Skin Tones


Cool brown hair colors for warm skin tones include ash brown, chocolate brown, and espresso.

Looking for brunette inspirations? Browse through our 12 BROWN HAIR COLOR SHADES for Indian Hair.

Brown Hair Color Ideas for Cool Skin Tones


Warm brown hair colors for cool skin tones include mahogany, chestnut, and butterscotch brown.

Red Hair Color Chart for Warm Skin Tones


Cool red hair colors for warm skin tones include burgundy, cherry, and intense red velvet.

These 13 BURGUNDY HAIR COLOR SHADES will inspire your next hair color style. Read now!

Red Hair Color Chart for Cool Skin Tones


Warm red hair colors for cool skin tones include ginger, copper, and auburn.

A little something on hair tones

Yes, hair tones are distinct from skin undertones, and they play a minor role in determining whether or not your chosen shade will look good. Hair tones are the hints of color visible in your hair when it catches the light. Tones, namely golden, auburn, red and smokey, add depth and dimension to your hair color, besides giving the dye its warm and cool hues.

Looking for some great hair color options? Check out the top 10 shades to try from SCHWARZKOPF, select browns from LÓRÉAL, choice naturals from GARNIER, and funky reds from REVLON.


Some More Tips to Choose the Perfect Shade from Hair Color Charts

How to choose hair colour from hair colour chart

When looking for the right hair color choose a shade that goes with your natural skin tone, brings out your best feature, and suits your personality. The determining factor in selecting a hair color is your skin’s undertone, which we have talked about in great detail in the above. Still, there is no such thing as enough good advice, especially when it comes to narrowing down a shade in the hair color chart! Here are some more tips to help you choose well:

Check the entire color range

Hair color choices are not as simple as black, brown or red. For example, within the blonde hair color range alone you can choose from platinum blonde, light ash blonde, strawberry blonde, beige blonde, silver blonde, honey blonde, dirty blonde, and many more. Consult a professional hair stylist to know the right shade for you.

Do you know the secret to make your hair colour last? We do! Read our post on TIPS TO MAKE HAIR COLOUR LAST LONGER.

Choose your hair color style

Your choice between full-head color or streaks, highlights or lowlights, ombre or balayage will also determine your final hair color of choice. We recommend asking a professional hair stylist to pick a color palette that compliments you.

Confirm if want to go with permanent or temporary hair colors

There are different types of hair color treatments available in the market. If you only want to experiment with a color for a few weeks, go for semi-permanent hair colors. If you want to cover greys, opt for permanent hair colors. Remember to get touch-ups every month to match your roots to the rest of your hair.



Last Words on Hair Color Charts

Who doesn’t love makeovers? Unfortunately for us Indian women and our signature dark hair, going light is the only option we have. Which means we cannot avoid hair bleach and its damaging effects on our tresses.

Coloured hair needs large servings of love and care. Try these 5 HOMEMADE HAIR MASKS FOR COLOURED HAIR.

Since it takes a few sessions of color treatment to go drastically lighter, you will also be spending more money to change your hair color. Our word of advice is to go with multiple sessions instead of trying to do everything in a single go. In a single seating, the color applied to your hair will show off based on your natural hair color. It will also cause immense hair damage.

So, take it slow.

  1. I am Indian with black hair going grey. I would like to blend my grey hair rather than colour it all but not sure if it will make look a lot t older

  2. I have dark brown hair with some gray. I used the ebony brown color, but I still get the red in my hair I don’t want the red. could you suggest a color for me.

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