Lakme’s Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tones

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Lakme pink lipstick shades for indian skin tones

In this post you will learn:

  •  A curated list of Lakme’s best pink lipstick shades for Indian skin tones
  •  The best pink lipstick shades for medium skin tones by Lakme
  •  Some stellar pink lipstick shades for fair skin


There’s something very homely and familiar about Lakme. It’s where our first kajals and nail paints came from, and even today, it remains a go-to beauty brand for basic makeup essentials. Essentials like a pink lipstick. The Urban Guide’s beauty team did a little shopping trip, and tested our stash of Lakme’s best pink lipstick shades on some ladies at work.

Here are the results!

#PinkIt and Post It (Everywhere!)

Meghna is wearing the Lakme 9to5 Pink Lipstick Shade in Pink Post


And post it you should!  A selfie with a pout pinked in this Lakme 9to5 pink lipstick shade is sure to make people pause their scrolling, and pay attention. In our stash of Lakme lipstick shades, this hot pink was a pink that is a conventional choice for fair complexions. But we felt it was especially suited for a neutral, medium skin tone like Meghna’s. Needless to say the lip color and her complexion took to each other quite well.

If You Have Meghna’s Complexion


The Best Pink Lipsticks for Medium Skin With Neutral Undertone

By definition, neutral undertones can wear cool as well as warm pinks comfortably. When it comes to pink tones, medium to dark pink lipsticks are your best bet. Choose dark pink lipstick shades in cool mulberries and warm burgundies. In the medium range, there are bright options like fuchsias, magentas, and hot pink to choose from. Light pink lipsticks are best avoided since they would only make you look darker.

We Interrupt This Post to Bring You the ULTIMATE LIPSTICK HACK! 



…And Now, You Can Return to Discovering the Best Lakme Pink Lipsticks.

#PinkIt and Blush

Neha is wearing the Lakme 9to5 Pink Lipstick Shade called Blush Book


I love lipstick trials because they’re filled with surprise learnings. Before this photo session, it would have been difficult to visualise a blush pink. But when we made Neha try this blush pink lipstick shade on a whim, we were taken aback with the results. Instead of looking darker, her medium skin tone lit up with a hint of a blush.

If You Have Neha’s Complexion


The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Medium Skin With Cool Undertones

Neha’s complexion is what you’d call a ‘cool honey.’ Her pinkish undertone, though, is not prominent. For complexions like this, blue-hued soft pinks like roses, petals, and blush add colour to her face, without overpowering her complexion. On the other hand, dark pink lipstick shades would look too strong, and are better given a miss. With a bit of face makeup, muted berry and plum shades would work well too.

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#PinkIt to Shock!

Sumedha is wearing the Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Shocking Pink


I think we shocked Sumedha more when we showed her the pink lipstick shade selected for her to wear. She insisted that dark lipstick shades suited her best. Of course, we weren’t listening, and the darker she insisted, the brighter we went! And after a wee bit of hesitation, she warmed up to the look; just like this cerise reddish pink brought warmth to her colouring.  

If you have Sumedha’s Complexion


The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Medium Skin With Warm Undertones

While Sumedha has a warm skin complexion, the yellow undertone doesn’t really show until you add some rich colours to the makeup look. This complexion could opt for warm and bright pink lipstick shades ranging from magenta to dark peach. A neutral shade like hot pink would look great too. If, like her,  you insist on wearing dark pink lipsticks, just be sure to choose vibrant shades since muted colours will only make you look pale.

Looking for something redder? Find your red from out list of the BEST RED LIPSTICK SHADES FOR INDIAN SKIN tones.

#PinkIt and Pop! (to burst is asking too much)

Shinjini is wearing the Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Pink Burst


Sumedha and Shinjini may have different skin tones, but that’s where the difference ends. They’re both warm skin tones that are better suited for statement lip colours that reveal their yellow undertone. Muted shades mute both their complexions. We love the way her face embraces this dazzling true pink lipstick shade from the Lakme lip crayons range.

If You Have Shinjini’s Complexion

The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Light Skin With Warm Undertones

Add to the shopping bag statement pink lipstick shades in berries and burgundies on the dark side, hot pinks in the medium range, and dark peaches and corals on the light side. These warm shades will makes your skin tone and highlights your warm undertone.

Does this list feels too limiting? Read our post on the BEST PINK LIPSTICK SHADES for Indians to choose from the best lipstick brands available in India.

#PinkIt and Blush

Amirah is wearing the Lakme Absolute Kareena Kapoor Khan Pink Lipstick in Blushing Temptress


best-pink-lipstick-shades-lakme-blushing-temptress It was hard to find a match for this blush pink lipstick shade from the Lakme Kareena Kapoor Khan collection. It’s too light to suit just any fair skin type, since they would appear either too pale or too yellowish. Amirah’s complexion is similar to Mrs. Kapoor Khan’s own, and there was no surprise that it suited her cool ivory skin well. Her inherent rosy hue that usually lies buried, comes alive with this delicate blush pink lipstick shade. Her lips look naturally pink too.

If You Have Amirah’s Complexion


The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin With Cool Undertones

If this is your skin colour too, go for soft pink lipstick shades with cool hues like french rose, baby pink, and light orchid. Can you wear dark shades?  Yes you can. You could go for statement pinks like berries and plums, but not without some basic face makeup.

PQ: Foundation shades

#PinkIt and Bubble Over

Shagun is wearing the Lakme Absolute Lip Pouts Matte Masaba Pink Lipstick Shade in Bubblegum Pink


Honestly, we picked this pink lipstick shade for Shagun because it accentuated the colours of her outfit. But styling indulgences aside, this bright bubblegum pink lipstick played the perfect accomplice to her radiant light skin.

If You Have Shagun’s Complexion


The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin with Neutral Undertones

An ivory complexion like Shagun’s with a neutral undertone can sport warm as well as cool pinks comfortably. In terms of tonality, light and medium pink lipstick shades are your best bet. On the other hand, dark pink lipstick shades like plums, dark berries and burgundies would make your face look pale.


#PinkIt and Act Picky

Vatsala is wearing the Lakme 9to5 Pink Lipstick Shade in Plum Pick


best-pink-lipstick-shades-Lakme-9to5-plum-pick Contrary to being picky, Vatsala was pretty chill about trading in her peachy nudes for this statement plum pink lipstick shade. I think she trusted our confidence in how good this dazzler of a pink shade would look on her. Doesn’t she look dazzling!

If You Have Vatsala’s Complexion


The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Wheatish Skin With Neutral Undertones

This complexion can sport a wide range of pink lipstick shades, from warm peaches to cool summer wines, mostly due to the skin’s neutral undertone. However, choose medium and dark pink lip colours. Anything lighter than a dark brownish-peach will only make you look darker, even washed out.


#PinktIt and Attract (attention of course!)

Bipasha is wearing the Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Peach Magnet

best-pink-lipstick-shades-lakme-peach-magnet I love it when we’re able to shake women of their preconceived notions, especially one held by wheatish women that they can’t wear light lip colours. Bipasha was very reluctant to try this lipstick. Then we took a couple of pictures and her opinion shifted. The warm peach makes highlights her golden hue, without coming off as too strong.

If You Have Bipasha’s Complexion


The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Wheatish Skin With Golden Undertones

In terms of pink tones you can carry off most shades from dark to light with ease. The trick is in choosing shades that make your complexion the star of the look. With medium and light pink shades, don’t go overboard with strong orangish-pink shades like corals and peaches since these would make your skin look sallow. Stick to neutral pinks as you go darker.


#PinkIt. Just Do.

Ambica is wearing the Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Pink Lipstick Shade in Berry Base


best-pink-lipstick-shades-Lakme-9to5-berry-base This is a relatively warm berry pink lipstick shade that suits Ambica’s complexion quite well. Her’s is another skin tone that needs makeup to reveal the warm peach undertone. This lush dark pink lip colour does exactly that. It brings the undertone to the surface and almost instantly makes her face glow. 

If You Have Ambica’s Complexion


The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Light Skin With Peachy Warm Undertones

If this is your complexion then you need to find shade that highlight your undertone. Go for warm peachy pinks, bright corals, coral-tinged berries, and maroon-ish wines. These will add a splash of colour to your face without bleaching out your complexion.

Lakme’s Best Pink Lipstick Shades and Prices

#PinkIt with LakmeLakme Lipstick RangePink Lipstick ShadePrice
Sumedha’s PinkLakme Enrich Lip CrayonShocking PinkRs.185
Shinjini’s PinkPink BurstRs.185
Bipasha’s PinkPeach MagnetRs.185
Meghna’s PinkLakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte
Lip Color
Pink PostRs.450
Neha’s PinkBlush BookRs.450
Vatsala’s PinkPlum PickRs.450
Ambica’s PinkBerry BaseRs.450
Shagun’s PinkLakme Absolute Lip Pouts Matte Masaba Lip ColorBubble PinkRs.750
Amriah’s PinkLakme Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Pout DefinerBlushing TemptressRs.1200


Last Words on Choosing Pink Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tones

I’m sure you think there a lipstick would have suited more than one person in this list, and we agree. Our goal though was to get these women, and hopefully you, try something different the next time you choose to wear a pink lipstick.

Just remember that your skin undertone plays as big a role in determining your perfect pink pout.  Simple tests like checking the colour of your veins, or trying on silver and gold jewellery can help you find out whether you are warm, cool, or neutral.

Take the skin undertone test here!

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