Basic Eye Makeup Steps Every Girl Must Know (Video Inside)

Eye makeup can lift or ruin your look. Whether it’s going full on with an elaborate eye makeup or keeping it simple by just using an eye liner, a lot can go wrong! We understand that pain, which is why  have curated this post on eye makeup steps , tools and tips. While there are numerous eye makeup looks out there (smokey, winged, glitter, and more), we have kept it really simple here. You can sport these looks  any and every- day effortlessly. These steps form the basis of every makeup routine. So, once you master these skills, you can move on to more dramatic eye makeup looks (and yes we’ll help you with those too!).

List of basic Eye Makeup products that everyone should have !

Before we tell you the eye makeup steps , it is important to keep handy this list of the eye makeup items that  you will need:

1. Eye primer ( brands like Urban Decay , Kryolan have great eyeshadow primers)

2. Eye shadow palette ( brands like huda beauty , L’oreal paris have great eye shadow palettes)

3. Eye makeup brushes ( go for brands like vega , oriflame , inglot )

4. Eyeliner ( go for brands like maybelline , lakme , body shop )

5. Eyelash curler( brands like bronson professional , colorbar manufacture  great eyelash curlers)

6. Mascara ( go for brands like NYX Professional , M.A.C )

eye makeup tools

This Simple Makeup Tip Using Old Eyeshadow is as Basic as it Gets!

Easy Eye Makeup Guide: Step-by-step Tutorial

Below are the steps to do some basic eye makeup at home-

1. Start with eye primer

Create a smooth surface for the makeup by an using an eye primer. Once it dries up, use a concealer or a face foundation.

2. Use neutral eye shadow shades

As a beginner, you should use neutral shades to get an easy eye makeup look. You should have a highlighter which is a shade lighter than your skin tone, a matte mid-tone shade, a contour shade which is darker than your skin tone and a matte black shade.

3. Get the correct makeup brushes

Perfect makeup is possible only when you have the right set of brushes by your side. You would need a small flat eye shadow brush and a blending brush.

4. Apply eye shadow

Use the lighter shade of the eye shadow i.e. the highlighter, on the inner corner of the eye and blend it outwards. Also use it to highlight the arch of the eyebrows. Then, use the mid-tone shade and apply it above the crease, start from the outward corner and blend it inwards. Apply the contour shade from the outer corner and blend it inwards. Proceed to the bottom lash line. Mix the contour shade with mid-tone shade and apply it on the bottom lash line. Get the dramatic smokey eyes using black matte shade. Apply eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye lids.

5. Neatly line the eyes

Eyeliner is the basic and the most essential requirement for beautiful eyes. It makes the eye lashes look denser.  Start from inner corner of the eye and make a dotted line towards the outer corner, thereafter join the line to get the perfect look. Build it up with small strokes, after you have achieved the correct thickness, proceed to the lower lash line, use a pencil eyeliner on the outer half and smudge it out.  If you do not know how to apply eyeliner or your liner application skills are weak, you can skip this step.

6. Add volume to your eyelashes

Mascara is the final step of eye makeup. But before applying it, curl your eye lashes with a good curler. Thereafter, take the mascara on the wand and start coating your eyelashes from root to tip. Do the same procedure for lower eyelashes too. Comb the lashes with a clean wand, if there are clumps of mascara on the lashes. Once it dries up, if you wish you can apply another coat to give more volume to the eyelashes and curl them again.

Eyebrow shapes can make or break your eye makeup look . Take cues from our article about HOW TO PERFECT YOUR EYEBROW SHAPE.

7. Identify your eye shape and do your eye makeup accordingly –

Different eye shapes require different makeup techniques . A little bit of research  can go a long way to changing the way your eyes look . For inspiration , you can always refer to our aticle ;

Eye Makeup for Small Eyes: Video & Step-by Step Process Included!

what is your eye shape
How to Identify your Eye Shape
Stand in a front of a mirror in a well-lit room and ask yourself:
1.    Does your upper eyelid have a crease? If not, you have monolid eyes.
2.    Imagine a straight line extending through the centers of your eyes. Now, ask yourself, 
a.    Do the outer corners of your eyes lie above this center line? If yes, you have upturned eyes.
b.    Do the outer corners of your eyes lie below this center line? If yes, you have downturned eyes.
3.    Are the creases of your eyelids visible or hidden when your eyes are wide open? If they are hidden, you have hooded eyes.
4.    Can you see the white portion around your irises? If yes, you have round eyes. If not, you have almond eyes.

Basic step by step eye makeup with Video Tutorial

We have found the perfect eye makeup video tutorial for you by none other than TheMakeupChair. In this video, the beauty blogger tells you  how to put on eye makeup and shares helpful makeup tips.


Must-follow Eye Makeup Tips

  • Before you start practicing the eye makeup steps we just shared, here are some  tips you should know:
  •  Always Tap the eye shadow brush to remove excess of the product.**Blending eye shadows is vital to getting a natural , flowing eye shadow look. Have a look at our article about Blending Eye Shadows Perfectly .
  • Dampen the tip of the brush and glide it on the eye shadow to get a volume of it on the brush.
  • Gel and liquid eyeliners give better results, however they can be tricky to apply and need practice. So to start with, use a pencil eyeliner.
  •  Use a cosmetic mirror and look down while applying the eyeliner to get the correct shape. You need to keep your hand steady hence it would be great if you have something to rest your elbow on.
  •  Never stretch your eyelid while applying the eyeliner.
  •  You can use a tape or a credit card to get the perfect winged shape.
  •  Use a mascara shield to prevent it from touching the face.
  • You can get brighter eyes using a few simple techniques  , like the ones explained in the picture  below :-
    4 tricks to getting brighter and bigger eyes :a) Apply a light eye-shadow
    b)Swap black eyeliner with a brown one for a softer look
    c)Apply highlighter below the eyebrows to highlight them 
    d)Apply highlighter in the corners of your eyes for an instant uplift 

Final words :
This was the easy-to-follow basic eye makeup guide which can be mastered quickly. You can also customize it. Instead of using neutral colours ,  you can opt for bold and shimmery colours to get a funky look. There are coloured eyeliners and mascaras available that can give you an edgy style. Smokey eye makeup is perfect for a classy effortless look and can be achieved easily !


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