9+ Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas That Will Leave You Impressed

It’s no mystery that cabinets form the skeletal structure of each and every kitchen, whether traditional, modern, contemporary or some other style. These are not only extremely vital in terms of functionality and purpose, but also in the overall appearance of the kitchen. Refreshing your kitchen cabinet design can in itself  give your entire cook space a brand new look.

So, we thought we must give you some basic yet impressive design ideas to begin with. The 9 styles below are varied yet cater to individual tastes. Find one that suits you! And when you’re done, look at these kitchen cabinet designs for more inspiration.

1. Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinet Design

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional New Era Architects Designers and PMC

Meant to give you a blurred glimpse of the contents inside, frosted glass cabinets also tend to visually open up a kitchen, especially a closed one. The frosted glass cabinets in this serene kitchen break the symmetry created by the white upper and lower cabinets, while still complementing the backsplash to achieve a cohesive look.

2. Acrylic & Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Design

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional New Era Architects Designers and PMC

This kitchen shows you how two different styles can not only come together, but also support each other in the overall design of the kitchen. The high gloss finish of the off-brown acrylic wall cabinets in this kitchen give it a modern look with ample flamboyance. On the same hand, the wooden laminate base cabinetry adds some warmth and texture, perfect for Indian kitchens.

3. Frameless & Handle-Free Kitchen Cabinet Design

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Fantini Designs Pvt Ltd

If you’re gunning for a modern kitchen design, these cabinets are your best bet. The lack of handles or knobs, or any other kind of ornamentation for that matter, gives these cabinets a sleek look. There is no compromise on functionality though as these can be open either through sleek finger pulls, hidden channels or a push-open mechanism.

4. Classic Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Design

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Rohit Interiors

Wood is traditionally loved in our Indian kitchens. While hardwood was the go-to choice for kitchen cabinets earlier, nowadays the same is achieved through plywood or MDF boards. You can take your pick depending on your budget and taste. In this kitchen, plywood cabinets with the grains running in one direction give the kitchen a homely yet highly functional appeal.

5. Monochrome Kitchen Cabinet Design

A monochrome kitchen design either employs shades of one particular colour throughout its design, or uses the combination of black and white. In this kitchen design, modern black cabinets with a glossy finish pair beautifully with a white Corian countertop. For those who’ve always contemplated black in their kitchen, here’s a classy way of adopting the colour.

6. Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinet Design

stained glass kitchen cabinet design

Adding more character to a regular glass design, a stained glass kitchen cabinet is ideal for a traditional-style kitchen. However, we think that it will add some funk to even a contemporary kitchen design. We especially love how it’s decorative, vintage and gives a partial view of the components inside.

7. Metal Mesh Screen Kitchen Cabinet Design

metal mesh kitchen cabinet design

These kind of cabinets give you more visibility without being breakable like glass. They add a decorative element and break the monotony of plain or uniform cabinets. But you know what the best part is? It’s that these cabinets can work in both traditional as well as industrial and modern kitchens.

8. Kitchen Cabinet Design with Colours

Interior Design by MuseLab Design Engine

Increase the style quotient of your kitchen instantly and easily by incorporating cabinets in bright and bold colours. In the above kitchen by MuseLab, a refreshing shade of green across the cabinetry perks up the kitchen space, making it a fun place to work in.

In the below design, cabinets in white balance the intense bold blue, thus giving the kitchen a luxurious appeal. Similarly, there is a plethora of colours and combinations that you too can experiment with in your kitchen — choose from reds, blacks, whites, greens, blues, yellows and greys!

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional New Architects Designers and PMC

9. Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet Design

shaker style kitchen cabinet design

Simply put, shaker style cabinets have recessed or flat panels on the outer surface and simple, uncomplicated knobs or handles. Paint these in pleasing colours like the above cabinets, or show off the richness of hardwood in designs like the one below. The crisp, neat look of this style adds value to a kitchen that wants to look as clutter-free as possible.

wooden shaker style kitchen cabinet design

What style would you like to go for in your kitchen?

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