7 Effective Home Remedies To Fight Hair Fall Naturally


Everyone experiences some amount of hair fall. Most people lose about 50-100 hair strands every day, however, it becomes a concern when it exceeds this limit. The modern lifestyle makes us even more prone to hair fall, thus, resulting in serious hair loss.

But have no fear, our experts are here to guide you. Check out these home remedies to combat hair fall naturally:

  • Hot Oil Massage

    Treat your hair to a hot oil massage. Heat up some oil (coconut oil or almond oil) and slowly massage it into your scalp with your fingertips. This will increase the bloodflow to the hair follicles, and enhance the strength of the roots of your hair while conditioning your scalp.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe vera is very effective in preventing hair loss and contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth.

    Applying Aloe vera gel on your scalp along with consuming one teaspoon of aloe vera on an empty stomach in the morning when you wake up, can induce healthy hair growth, while nourishing your hair and scalp.

  • Onion Juice

    Onion juice has a very high sulfur content, which helps it enhance the circulation of blood to the hair follicles, treat hair loss and reduce inflammation. Due to its presence of anti-bacterial properties, onion juice also helps kill the germs that cause scalp infections which may lead to hair loss.

  • Green Tea

    Green tea stimulates hair production and revitalizes hair follicles. It also enhances your metabolism, ultimately leading to an increased rate of hair growth. Condition your hair with green tea solution and embrace the beautiful change in your hair!

  • Keep The Peace

    Stress can be hard on your hair. Unfortunately, it is a part and parcel of our lives today and is also one of the biggest contributors of hair loss. However, by meditating regularly whenever you can, you can relieve the stress and anxieties of the rat race.

  • Natural Hair Masks

    Now, this is an activity that’s fun and feels great! Mix and match multiple ingredients from your kitchen to create healthy hair masks guaranteed to bring back the lustre to your hair and re-stimulate hair growth. Explore some popular combinations here.

  • Regulate Your Hormones

    A hormonal imbalance is one of the most frequent causes of early hair loss or hair loss without explanation. If you have other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, try out foods that promote healthy hormone levels and natural supplements for hormone regulation.

Got some home remedies of your own? share them with us. Simply write to yours truly here or comment with your suggestion!


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