7 Biggest Makeup Trends For 2018 That You Can Follow


makeup trends 2018

A fresh year calls for fresh beginnings – fresh look in terms of makeup as well. The year 2017 saw great makeup trends such as dark lipstick and glitter eyeshadows. This year is going to take glitters, eye makeup and bold lip colours to an all-new level. If you thought there’s only so much you can do with your makeup to make it feel new, allow us to roll out the 7 biggest makeup trends that will dominate for the year 2018. From nail colour to lip trends, glossy lips to groomed brows, they’re all insanely pretty. 

7 Biggest Makeup Trends For 2018

1. Dewy Skin

Makeup Trends 2018

Dewy glowing skin or the “ethereal satin glow” had become extremely popular in 2017 and it is going to dominate in a huge way through 2018 too. While glitter is taking over our eyes and lips, cheekbones will remain officially dewy in 2018. Highlighters are going to be glossy and ultra-natural. This will be assisted by dewy balms as opposed to shimmery sparkle. 2018 is going to be the year of shine. Extra-highlighted skin is an absolute favourite around the world and celebrities across the globe are trying it out. Some basic makeup tips and tricks for beginners should help you better. 

2. Groomed Brows

Makeup Trends 2018

Textured eyebrows that look natural and yet defined have been a runaway favorite in New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Spring Summer Looks 2018. The 2018 eyebrow trend to look out for involves creating textures in the brows by brushing the hair. This has to be done without making them look messy. This style works best if you have thick eyebrows to brush through to create textures.

3. Eyeshadow Trends 

Here are the top 3 eyeshadow trends that are going to be popular in 2018:

a) Sun-kissed Shadows

makeup trends 2018

The beauty of blending layers of shades over the eyes can be quite challenging. You can’t get colour coordination wrong, not in 2018 at least. Inspired by the beautiful shades of sun rays, sun-kissed eyeshadows will be a popular trend this year. This look will feature colors such as warm orange and yellow in a wax finish.

#ProTip: Use lip balm or a dewy balm over your eyeshadow to give it a glossy look.

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b) Glitter-dusted Eyelid

Makeup Trends 2018

Glitter is going to go supersize in 2018. Applied on your eyelids, the sprinkling glitter over eyelids will create an impact this year. Glitter highlight and eyeshadows will take shimmer to the next level this year.

#ProTip: Take a little amount of glitter and press it onto the lids, blending any excess up to the brow for a graduated sparkle.

c) Highlighting Inner Corners Of The Eyes

makeup trends 2018

The inner corners of the eyes may be minuscule, but they can create a high impact. Adding shine to this area makes the eyes look brighter and more awake. It’s the easiest makeup trend you are going to see this year.

#ProTip: Go with bright and shimmery colors such as pink, blue, gold or peach to make the tone pale and fresh.

4. Cat Eye Flick

Makeup Trends 2018

Super pointy. Supergraphic. Super Dramatic. The cat-flick or what we officially call the “winged eyeliner” look is going to be one of the hottest makeup trends of 2018. But then, it isn’t news to anyone, or even revolutionary in makeup trends because winged eyeliners will never go out of style. Year after year we see the winged look dominating the eye makeup fashion game and it is here to stay this year too.

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5. Cherry Bomb Glossy Lips

Makeup Trends 2018

This season lips are bold. The one rule to follow? Don’t be half-hearted in trying the dramatic look with dark shades. Cherry bomb is that one color you should invest in this year. They are dramatic and can even be in matte finish. But we suggest you to finish the look with a lip gloss on the lower lips.

#ProTip: Pair with slicked-back hair and “just-out-of-shower” glowing skin.

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6. Next-level Eyelashes

Makeup Trends 2018

Year 2017 saw the beauty industry being obsessed with luscious lashes from Huda Beauty to Jenner Cosmetics. Thick long lashes make your eyes look bigger and are oh-so dramatic. So, if you want to add some glam to your makeup routine without straying too much, this trend is for you. It is also great to create the doll-like effect. You could opt for faux extension or volumizing mascara to give you the ideal look.

7. Metallic Nail Colour

makeup trends 2018

Hair and makeup often take centerstage but nails can add the much-needed glamour to your entire look. If you’re not a fan of neon brights but still love nail paints, this nail trend for 2018 is going to be right up for you. From bronze to silver to golden – metallic colors will dominate the nail trend game.

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As we see the no-makeup dewy look that will continue to dominate the makeup trends of 2018, many of the makeup trends of this year will be a representative of how regular women wear their makeup. Even the eyeshadow trend or the metallic nail colors are not over-the-top and can be consumed by most. So, go ahead and experiment with these 7 biggest makeup trends of 2018 and step out of your home looking gorgeous.

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