6 Smart Packing And Moving Tips You Need To Know



Moving house can be an amazing experience. It can bring a spring of excitement, anticipation and…a lot of exhaustion. It takes a lot when you are relocating to a new city or even within the city. But if you follow these simple packing and moving tips, we guarantee that you will have an efficient packing and moving.

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Packing And Moving Tips To Make Your Move Easy

1. Start early

Visualize an entire day of non-stop packing versus a relaxed day where you only have to pack the essentials before relocating to a new city. The latter seems more enjoyable, right? Well, that can be your moving day, if you start packing early. Begin at least a week in advance and start with stuff that you do not need on a daily basis – books, bed sheets, clothes you won’t be wearing, wall decorations and show pieces and so on. Set a daily quota and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when your moving day arrives!

2. Arrange for boxes 

This packing & moving tip will make things super easy if you have the right equipment to pack your belongings in. Try and arrange for cardboard boxes of varying sizes, as many as possible to have ample options to pack your belonging securely.

To save on the number of boxes you require, make use of all the bags, suitcases, and baskets that you own – after all, you have to transport these things as well. Chances are if your parents inherited old suitcases like mine did, you probably have a LOT of them!

3. Take a photo of your electronic devices before pulling the plug

Dismantling and setting up all your electronic gadets from scratch can be daunting but there’s an easy fix. Take a picture of the wiring behind the curtain so that you can remember where everything goes when you sit down to set them up later.

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4. Don’t have bubble wrap? Use your clothes!

Packing your breakables can be tricky. Wrapping them in bubble wrap is likely to keep them safe but there’s just one problem – arranging bubble wrap in such a large amount is hardly easy. Well, we have an alternative packing and moving tip for you. Simply wrap your fragile belongings in clothes! Its a great hack that lets you achieve twin purposes of safety proofing your breakables and packing your clothes.

5. An overnight bag for all the essentials

Packing an overnight bag with all your essentials is important. Chances are you’ll be exhausted by the time you settle in with all your belongings in your new home. Rummaging through countless boxes for your toiletries and other essentials will hardly put you in a good mood.

Instead, pack a change of clothes for the next day, your toiletries, and other things that you cannot live without in an overnight bag so that you have all the time you need to settle in your new home.

6. Before moving

Taking care of your affairs smartly prior to moving can be a big help during and after the big move. Remember to:

a) Change your postal address about two weeks before.
b) Shop for groceries for the last time at least two weeks before.
c) Defrost your refrigerator completely at least a day before moving and dry it out.
d) Get the bathroom and kitchen cleaned in your new home before moving.

Most important packing and moving tip is to keep your cool and enjoy the day. Amongst all the packing and coordinating, it may not seem so, but you’re headed to an exciting new chapter of your life that you may never get the opportunity to enjoy again. So, as you move and bid your old home goodbye, remember to cherish the moment too!

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