12 Ways To Have A Beautiful Spa-Like Bathroom On A Budget

Have you been dreaming of your favourite spa? Don’t you just love the vibe their dressing areas give? What if you could replicate that relaxed, zen feel in a place that you spend the most time getting ready — your bathroom? Yes, what if you could have a spa-like bathroom?

We have some absolutely stunning tricks to glam up your bathroom just like one of your favourite spas, and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket either.

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These 12 fabulous spa-like bathroom design ideas will make your dream a reality. Read on …

Graceful Symmetry

Choose a focal point in your bathroom and design the rest of the bathroom layout around it. For example, if you want a freestanding tub (trending lately!) in the centre, play with the architecture of the space around it to make it inviting and classy.

Seating & Free-Standing Tubs in Large Bathrooms

Designed by Urbanclap Professional Narayan Moorthy

If you do have the space to add a free-standing tub, we’re assuming your bathroom doesn’t have space issues. In that case, consider adding a wooden recessed seating area and even a free-standing sink!

Clutter-Free and Neat Storage

The best place to store your essentials is around the sink — so make sure that it is kept clean and clutter-free. You could install one or two racks, instead of a closed cabinet, to organise and display your skin care products and lotions. You could also create dual vanities with a mix of closed and open storage — for instance, a single cabinet and a couple of racks.

The Ultimate Sink

Image Courtesy: Wayfair

Designed by Urban Company Professional – Ogling Inches Interior ArchitectsYour bathroom should be a place of style and substance. So, opt for a vessel-style sink. These give a very sophisticated and timeless look to the bathroom.

Shower Enclosure

The glass separator for a shower gives a warm feeling to the shower space. You could also include a rainshower-style shower head, a hand-shower, steam function or built-in cabinetry to store your bath linens.

Full-Sized Mirror

Leave room for a full-sized mirror that magnifies the space and makes it look sleek and sophisticated.

Teak Flooring in the Shower

Rekindle the ambience of that romantic resort you last visited, right at home. Not only is the rustic look a great romantic setting but it also makes the floor look cleaner than a marble, granite or mosaic one. Other than teak, most types of wood are tricky to use in the shower and could result in a waste of money. 

#ProTip: Watch out for soap scum to maintain that shine on your teak flooring. Using a soft-bristled brush and water, scrub it gently to remove it from the flooring.

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Ceiling Lights

For a spa-like bathroom, add a chandelier or a bunch of filament bulbs to the centre of your bathroom. While hanging lighting directly above a tub also looks great, be sure to follow the building codes for your area. The base of the chandelier or any pendant-style light should be a minimum of 8 feet above the tub, so that you don”t accidentally touch any part of the fixture while standing in a tub filled with water.

#BudgetFriendlyTip: If chandeliers are too expensive for you, make do with strings of filament lights. Not only do they look gorgeous but they also set the mood for a relaxed bath.

Bring in the Whites

White adds a rich personality to the bath space. Your bathroom might not have space for a freestanding tub but to give it the sprawling bath look, try adding a lot of whites — through your walls, linen and accessories.

…And the Greens!

Designed by Urban Company Professional Narayan Moorthy

Whether you add a small potted plant on the platform, or bring in larger plants, adding greenery to the bathroom gives it a relaxed, spa-like feel.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are always relaxing! Add them to your bathroom and light them up while taking a relaxing bath. Doesn’t that sound inviting already?

Fluffy Mats and Towels

Make sure the mat and towels in your bathroom are fluffy or tufted. Place the mat in front of the toilet, or tub or even the sink — wherever you think it will be utilized the most.

#ProTip: Use a small wooden stool or bench to place your towel, and keep this inside your shower enclosure.

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So, there you go! Some easy, affordable bathroom design ideas to bring home a spa-like ambience. For more amazing bathroom design ideas like this, visit Urban Company Homes. Happy homing! 🙂


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